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Jason Black
Director of testing and education at Human Performance Ireland 

Internationally renowned global endurance athlete and successful high altitude mountaineer Jason Black has spent the last 30 years as a high performance athlete having scaled the world’s highest mountains and raced to the end of the earth.

Human Performance Ireland is one of very few locations in Ireland where physiological testing is possible.

We specialise in combining human performance testing and the latest science technologies to identify performance limitations. Using goal standard exercise physiology testing, metabolic analysis, spirometry & respiratory training we maximise our clients goals in fat loss, improved health / well being, along with recreational and elite athletes seeking a deeper science based understanding to improve their overall performance.



At Human performance Ireland we scans nine different elements of human physiology and leave you or your coach under no illusion how to maximise your results. Individuals can be tested at the HPI Lab and teams at specific training locations. Participants can choose between completing the tests on a commercial Treadmill, Concept Row a Wattbike cycle ergometer or their own bike and turbo trainer. VO2 TESTING & LACTATE PROFILE / METABOLIC EFFICIENCY / & FATMAX RESTING METABOLIC RATE TESTING (RMR) / ATHLETE FITNESS ASSESSMENT.


At Human performance Ireland using science we measure with precision how well your body burns fat as fuel and can inform you accurately what calories your body requires to stay healthy and advise on a careful caloric reduction to lose weight. We do this by measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, a process called indirect calorimetry. HPI Metabolic Testing measures how many calories someone is burning at rest and during exercise and enables us to determine there metabolic efficiency and examine if they are burning fewer calories than it should ( hypometabolic), or more calories than it should (hypermetabolic), these elevated markers could have been stress related, hormonal, lifestyle, exercise or dietary related.


We take breathing so much for granted that we hardly ever really think about it. But anyone who has experienced breathing problems knows how life can change – At Human performance Ireland we test your respiratory system. We manage and plan weekly respiratory training sessions using the latest equipment, strengthening your respiratory muscles and improving your quality of life caused by : Shortness of breath / Asthma / COPD / Long Covid / Capacity volume issues / Capability usage issues.
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